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Happy to have helped her and to have been an ear for her to listen to

I first met Dr Qian back in April of 2021. I am in the IT dept here at Rice and had been working on a computer issue with her. One day we had scheduled for her to come to my office so I could look at her computer as she had a few questions about a program. When she arrived she looked distraught and like something else was on her mind. She told me that she had just come from the doctor and was given the news that they found cancer. She said she hadn’t told anyone yet and that I was the first one. In hindsight, even though I didn’t really know her, I think at that moment she just needed to get it out and tell someone. I told her I was sorry to hear that and listened as she told me more about what they found. She said that she was planning on going to a different doctor for a second opinion. I ended up fixing her computer and she went on her way. A few weeks later I emailed her asking how she was doing and if she had gotten the second opinion. She replied back saying that she did get another opinion and that it was lung cancer. I wished her the best and said I would keep her in my thoughts and prayers.
When I heard that she had passed away in November I was saddened and even though our paths never really crossed, with the exception of me helping her with her computer issue, I felt a compassion and closeness to her.

Burton Heisley

March 31, 2023

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